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Featured Attic Remodeling Articles:

Great Ways to Utilize Unused Attic Space: Converting your attic from a storage space to a whole new wing of your home can really pay off. Not only will you get more enjoyment from your home you will be adding to its value too. All you need is a little guidance and a lot of imagination.

Attic Bathroom Remodeling: Smart design is important in every level of a home, but it is that much more so the case in the attic....

Attic Living Space: Many treasures can be found in the attic, and not just old family heirlooms either. Some fortunate people....

Attics can become overlooked areas in any home. In some homes they are simply ignored, while in others they become black holes where items are crammed in and forgotten about. Get advice for remodeling this underused space in your home. Your attic can become a much valued area of your house. Most truss systems of attics allow for some usable space. In addition to your furnace being housed there, you can create some storage solutions in your attic. By laying additional plywood and installing shelving units, you can create much needed storage space for items that are used seasonally. Holiday decorations, luggage, even sports equipment can be efficiently stored. The best way to take advantage of an attic, however, is to make the space more livable. Even if it is unfinished, the simple steps of waterproofing, laying flooring, framing and drywall in some areas can create new rooms for your entire family. Game rooms, home theater rooms, larger family rooms and even additional bedrooms or an apartment for your older child can all be housed in the attic. Before tackling such a remodeling project, be sure to have the assistance of a professional contractor, particularly if running plumbing lines for a new bathroom. They may also have some ideas you haven’t thought of for your attic space and can help save you money!

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Are you interested in having a glorified closet, a craft room, a spare bedroom, an attic library or office? Planning your attic projects is essential and a can be frustrating if you plan on doing any repairs, installations or construction on your attic by yourself. There are many things you can turn your own attic into. Doing these kinds of projects can be time consuming and messing. Doing projects like this can also cause more damage then good. If you want your project to stay within a budget it’s a good idea to plan something like this with a professional. Hiring a professional to have an attic construction done will insure the job is done right, within budget and will be done safely. When we match you with a local attic professional they will provide free estimates for your attic projects. Your attic improvements are the contractor’s main concern. Most people don’t look at their attic as being a room to have remodeled. Most attics are old, full of cobwebs and boxes full of memories. But why not turn your private, secluded room into something special the whole family can enjoy. Talking to a professional about remodeling your attic is the first step. Ask your professional contractor what your attic could be converted into. A contractor from will give you a free quote and help you accomplish a custom remodel on your attic. Attic renovations or remodels aren’t something you want to yourself because of the extra costs and the amount of time it would take.

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